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Rock Star Movie Community! [08 Aug 2005|02:27pm]

So You Wanna Be A Rock Star?

Join Rock Star Movie Community
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[22 Apr 2005|12:06pm]


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Creative Band W/ Record Deal Seeks KEYBOARD/GUITARIST [29 Mar 2005|12:57am]
We have:

-Deal with Fantastic Distro.
-Many Many Shows/Tour.
-Studio Time this summer to record 1st Full Length CD.
-An EP Finished at Set for Official Release.

We Need:

-Vocals a Plus
-Male or Not Male
-Creative & Dedicated

Must Be:

-Able to come up with own Parts
-Creative and Easy Going
-Knowledge of Odd Times

Please Send me info about yourself and I will link you to our MP3's.
We are looking for someone who will add to the bands energy/creativity. We do not want someone just to fill parts. We want someone who will share themselves and ideas, and join the band as an equal during our quest to bend and shape the minds of the 21st century.


EMAIL - UnicornSexCity@yahoo.com
For Info
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[25 Oct 2004|11:12pm]

Intrument played:Trumpet,bass,guitar
Skill level (optional):trumpet:very experienced,guitar:intermediate bass:begginer
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it: trumpet cause i wanted to play in band when i was little bass and guitar cause i allways wants to play both
Fave. genre of music (in general):Ska and Mod
Fave. genre of music to play: Ska,mod
Favourite piece to play? and why?:
Favourite composers:Beethoven,Bach
Why do you think youre a hot musician?: hell yea!
Im sorry i dont have a pic of me with my instrument but ill try to get one asap.
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[20 Oct 2004|04:18pm]

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He's HOT too [06 Sep 2004|02:37pm]

I love HOT musicans

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HOT HOT HOT [06 Sep 2004|02:35pm]

Any other Ville Valo fans here???

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[05 Sep 2004|08:28am]

I thought I would post this for those of you who are interested. I got bored so I created a website for guitarist yesterday. It is still a work in progress but it is done for the most part. I set it up so you can stream mp3's and you can also post any pictures you want in the photo gallery. You can also create your own photo gallery if you would like. Anyway stop by and visit and upload some music, as long as the bandwidth holds up anyway. Just click the banner below to get to the site.

Also, under the Carvin Forum I posted some of my bad playing so you could see how the streams work.

Hope you like it,


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stamped [28 Aug 2004|06:51pm]

Leaving. Bye.
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[27 Aug 2004|08:54pm]

Ya know whats one of the easiest songs to play by steve vai... i say easiest still meaning some of the hardest shit in the world.... but anyways its For The Love Of god... i got about the first 2 minutes of it down... but the end of it gets wicked..
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[26 Aug 2004|12:31am]

alright guys and gals.. i joined this community in order to talk music, and to selfishly make myself look like i was important... now im not gonna stand here and watch either of those look like there not happening... now i have a topic, hopefully people will answer to it and expand... and u guitar, bass, and piano players out there give me your favorite scale to play in... there might be some i havent heard of, and if there are then i want to know about them... now lets get to it... to answer my own retarded but jumpstarting quesition, i personally like the A minor penatonic scale, just cause i like that blueseee sound with those chords... alright... UR GUYS TURNS...
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Its all about the music [16 Aug 2004|01:24am]

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Name:Dave Wood
Location:Glenmont New York
Intrument played:Guitar, and bass(but i dont have any pics of that one)
Skill level (optional):
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it:I always saw guitar players as being like this icon to the world, that later changed, and they just became an icon to me... so now im my own icon... and i wanted to learn it cause i thought it would be so cool to be able to play, cause my hole life revolves around music... so now i can just make my own.
Fave. genre of music (in general):Rock
Fave. genre of music to play:Rock/Classical
Favourite piece to play? and why?:For The Love Of God -Steve Vai-, cause ive always liked that song, and its the one i learned off of to get way more skilled, so yea..
Favourite composers:as in classical... Bach, Pachabella,Beethoven, and Mozart prolly.
Why do you think youre a hot musician?:I dont think im even close to a hot musician yet, i think im moderatly good, but i got a long way to go b4 im anywhere close to where i want to be.
Pictures (Include your instrument!)Thats my pic for the members thing i can resize it but right now my computers bein skrewy...


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[24 Jul 2004|07:20pm]

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it's all about the music [04 Jun 2004|01:46pm]

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[01 Jun 2004|06:36pm]
pick_me_pick_meCollapse )
thanks for your time and everything
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howdy [31 May 2004|08:47pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey, thought id say hey!
I joined but because I know the administrators, and they like me, i didnt need to fil in an aplication (hahaha)

so I thought id just say...

Im a hot musician hahahaha"

and id like to advertise my music community, go here if you want to rant about music!


Il post later if I can think of anything to say...

Oh want a hot musician?
Mark hoppus. hell of a hot musician.


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It's All About The Music [26 May 2004|03:46pm]

It's all About the MusicCollapse )
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"its all about the music" [12 May 2004|01:56pm]

this should be interestingCollapse )
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Stamped Members [16 May 2004|11:16am]

[ mood | creative ]

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