comfortably_confused (the1artist12) wrote in hotmusicians,

Name: Edward (teddy) William Lytle


Location: upstate new york

Intrument played: guitar, drums

Skill level (optional): drums- played for 5 years, guitar- 1 year (no lessons though)

What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it: im into guitar more and its just got a great sound its easy to pick up and write songs too

Fave. genre of music (in general): rock, classical, emotional, ... as long as it sounds nice

Fave. genre of music to play: emo..-ish??? its all about me expressing emotion SO... i guess it would be that? its basically me with an acoustic guitar by myself wishing i had a band near me

Favourite piece to play? and why?: i really like to play my own music because its alot easier than learning things... which is pretty pathetic i know, but i do like to play "three evils"- coheed and cambria, because 1. its my favorite song, and its just fun to play in general. its nothing to hard or anything but i get chills just screaming out the words and the feeling in it... its like a musical orgasm of sorts you could say

Favourite composers: Coheed and cambria (claudio sanchez), brand new (jesse lacey), jamison parker, bright eyes (conner o'burst), dashboard confessional (chris coraba(((my friend knows him personally its SO cool))))

Why do you think youre a hot musician?: i just like my hair cuz its long and curly... and my girlfriend says im good looking ((BUT i happen to not think im anything special or anything... just not ugly))

thanks for your time and everything
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