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Its all about the music


Name:Dave Wood
Location:Glenmont New York
Intrument played:Guitar, and bass(but i dont have any pics of that one)
Skill level (optional):
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it:I always saw guitar players as being like this icon to the world, that later changed, and they just became an icon to me... so now im my own icon... and i wanted to learn it cause i thought it would be so cool to be able to play, cause my hole life revolves around music... so now i can just make my own.
Fave. genre of music (in general):Rock
Fave. genre of music to play:Rock/Classical
Favourite piece to play? and why?:For The Love Of God -Steve Vai-, cause ive always liked that song, and its the one i learned off of to get way more skilled, so yea..
Favourite composers:as in classical... Bach, Pachabella,Beethoven, and Mozart prolly.
Why do you think youre a hot musician?:I dont think im even close to a hot musician yet, i think im moderatly good, but i got a long way to go b4 im anywhere close to where i want to be.
Pictures (Include your instrument!)Thats my pic for the members thing i can resize it but right now my computers bein skrewy...


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