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"its all about the music"

Name: kevin wrubel
Age: 14
Location: shelby twp, michigan
Intrument played: guitar, bass, and drums
Skill level (optional): id say about a 6 on bass, 9 on drums and a 9 on guitar
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it: i started on guitar because my unlce plays it, and ive always looked up to him. then i decided to start a band so i found a set of drums for sale and started messing around with those. then, my uncle just gave me a bass so i took that and messed around also.
Fave. genre of music (in general): rock
Fave. genre of music to play: rock
Favourite piece to play? and why?: i like to play my own music. i like playing it because i know exactly how it is SUPPOSED to be play and i can always make improvements on it
Favourite composers: ac/dc, blink 182, kiss, aerosmith, taking back sunday, saves the day, motion city soundtrack, from here on out, based on a true story..many more
Why do you think youre a hot musician?: i dont know. but someone left a comment in my journal with a link to this community


i dont have a 100X100 but i have a somethingX100

also sorry that its the same as one of the pics up there:(
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