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It's All About The Music

Name: Stephanie

Age: 15

Location: Tampa, Florida

Intrument played: Drums, piano, some acoustic guitar. (Though I've never had lessons)

Skill level : pretty much an amateur.

What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it:

Drums- Well a little over two years ago, for some unknown reason, I fell in love with drums.  I wanted to play so bad.  I didn't get a drumset until two years later (money reasons). I had to play on ones at church and stuff, but now I have it and am teaching myself.  Within two weeks of getting it, I was on a church worhip team, so that's fun.

Guitar- My older sister had an acoustic. It was neglected, so I stole and and used the internet to teach myself chords and songs.

Piano- We've always had one. (It's over a hundred years old. Family heirloom) I used my sister's and mom's old piano books to learn stuff.  Sometimes I'd get taught something by them, but mostly I just fool around. I taught myself Fur Elise ^_^ I was so proud.

Fave. genre of music (in general): Rock. Practically any type. I love Ska also.

Fave. genre of music to play: Rock (c'mon, I'm a drummer)

Favourite piece to play? and why?: Well I do like this one beat I learned from a Mighty Mighty Bosstones Song ("Another Drinkin' Song"). I like it because at first I thought it sounded hard to play, but I figured it out :)

Favourite composers: I don't know of many 'composers' but I do like many bands. Beethoven's cool, because I love Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonatta (so maintstream, I know)

Why do you think youre a hot musician?: I'm a musician, and I live in Florida. It's pretty hot here.

Pictures (Include your instrument!)

 (A wee bit small, I know It was an LJ Icon once.)
 earrings made out of guitar picks =)

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