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hotmusicians's Journal

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elcome to Hot Musicians. This community is for hot musicians - however it doesnt matter what skill level you are at. Scroll down for the Rules and Application to apply!

1. In order to reply, you must be a musician, therefor you must play a instrument.
2. When you apply, with posting pictures - you must include one of you with your instrument.
3.. No racial, or weight abuse is to be used with other members
4. You are allowed to promote other communities, but they must be under a cut and you must be stamped.
5. You must apply within 3 days of joining, lurkers will be banned.
6. You must be at least 14 to apply.
7. When applying put 'Its all about the music' in your subject title.
8. Don't delete your application once applying, if you do you'll be banned.
9. Also include a 100x100 picture of yourself when applying for the stamped members page
10. All applications must be under a cut!

Intrument played:
Skill level (optional):
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it:
Fave. genre of music (in general):
Fave. genre of music to play:
Favourite piece to play? and why?:
Favourite composers:
Why do you think youre a hot musician?:
Pictures (Include your instrument!)