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it's all about the music

Name: Amy
Age: seventeen, but i'll be eighteen on the seventh
Location: tallahassee, florida
Intrument played: steel pan
Skill level: high
What you like about this instrument/why you chose to learn it: these instruments are amazing, nothing produces a sound such as theirs. they are increadibly fun and challenging. i chose to learn pan beucase my school offered a class.
Favorite genre of music: indie
Favorite genre of music to play: latin/soca
Favorite piece to play? and why?: pan in a minor -- it is a panorama chart [panorama is this big pan competition in trinidad, where pans were created, where bands of 100+ members compete. the pieces they play are 10+minutes and exceedingly challenging.]
Favorite composers: for pan: lynn boogsie sharp and mighty sparrow/ in general: aaron copeland
Why do you think youre a hot musician?: oh i hate questions like this, i'm really modist, but i'm pretty dang good at pan.

oh--this was an LJ icon at one time. this is the only picture i have of me playing my pan...after the little pic that says "lion steel" there is a picture of me playing a set of two pans and then a boy with some kind of white hat on -- sorry its a terrible picture, it's hard to get good ones.

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Very different instrument. Yes.
Wow thats awesome :D Yes
yes yes yes =)
your already accepted and such ((i just got accepted too!!!))

those things have got to be
the coolest
ever ever

i played them in band once but i was no good

but seriously
those things